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Time To Act.

One Economy works to eliminate racial, economic, and other disparities in the African 

Use The Blueprint for Action as a guide and to force change in the status quo. 

The 2020 One Economy: The Blueprint for Action provides a clear picture of the issues and answers the questions around who, what, when, where, and why. It invites the businesses, 

American community by directly addressing 5 key areas: Employment, Financial Inclusion, Education, Housing, and Health. We create workgroups for each area that serve as a resource for individuals to acquire tools to make meaningful change in these fields through their own community circles.

policymakers, and leadership organizations at all levels of our cities and county to take notice and make their place at the table. You will see how you can make these issues your own and to join in, at long last, to begin to reduce and eliminate racial economic disparities in our community. There is much more to do. Be a part of this movement! 

What We Do
How You 
Can Help
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Blueprint for Action

Executive Summary


Blueprint for Action

Full Report

2017 One Economy Report

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"You can make change

  in ways

that matter to

everyday lives.

Commit to a

Statement of Action

Work Groups

Financial Inclusion





Community Resources

Stay In the Loop

Join us in creating change at in your own circles. 

Utilize community resoures to achieve these goals. 

Stay up to date on new information and join workgroup chatrooms work as a collective. 

 Watch the One Economy

Blueprint for Action

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